Progress Bar Setup in Single Value Chart


(Tom Petryshen) #1

The following article (Show Comparison: shows an example of progress bar in a single value chart using a table calculation. However, there doesn’t appear to be any documentation on how to setup the calculation for the monthly target. In my attempt to add a number via the calculation, Looker places the new calculation in front of the measure (with no ability to move it) which prevents the comparison option from working.

Thanks… Tom

(Izzy) #2

What’s your calculation look like? In order to use the comparison option, the table calculation must reference a measure— So something like 1000+50 won’t work, since that’s not referencing a measure and will be pushed over to the left as a dimension. If you just want to hardcode a value, the little workaround is to say (${measurefield}*0)+1050.

Including the measure in the calc, even if you multiply it by 0 to tare it out, will apply it to the explore as a measure and give you the comparison. Give it a shot :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tom Petryshen) #3

Thanks Izzy. Worked like a charm. :slight_smile: