Problems with visualisations when changing their type

After having stumbled upon these issues couple of times in the last few weeks, I have decided to attempt reporting and explaining it, in order to seek some clarity.

1. Dashboard tile’s visualisation type doesn’t change

I have noticed that sometimes I have a tile and I click edit icon, in order to change its vis type. I do that, click save, but it doesn’t change. I click edit again and then the right type of vis is shown. Unfortunately changing it again doesn’t help.

Refreshing the dashboard or page doesn’t help.

Sometimes I think it’s because I click save so quickly that perhaps some underlaying data for the dashboard doesn’t get updated and it creates some kind of mismatch of information between the tile’s definition and dashboard’s reference to that tile? Just brainstorming here

2. Visualisation is blank

This one is new. After duplicating a tile that misbehaved because of the problems from the first point, I noticed I can’t change its type and in console I’m getting following errors:

This particular tile is something that changes constantly. The fact that it doesn’t have any data to show might play a part in this whole scenario.

The error above shows in the console even when I refresh the dashboard and before I click edit icon. I might have to build this tile from scratch.

The tile seems to work fine when I click edit but the data doesn’t appear when looking at the dashboard.

– edit
Copying the dashboard fixed it but the old one still has the errors o_O

:no_mouth: That’s weird, but good!

I think sending over the full details of the dashboard to our support team ( or in-app chat) along with your logs would be the way to find a smoking gun for this issue.

For 1., are you seeing it only on the same dashboard? I would also check out the console for this one to see if there’s any failed attempts to update the underlying data, like you’ve said.

  1. it happens all the time. Mostly when I change the type of vis for a tile but very often