Private repository for Looker custom visualization


(Pruthviraj Shivanna) #1

Dear Lookers,

I want to make a new private repository in GITHUB within our organization and keep the javascripts for custom visualization with in the repo.
I want to plug these js to looker ( following the custom viz document ) so that its available to users.

How can I enable looker to access the files from a private repository ?
I already have the looker to git integration with deploy keys for push/pull and deployments. But I understand it would not follow the same workflow.

Any suggestion would be highly welcome. Thanks in Advance.

(Micah Catlin) #2

Hi Pruthviraj.

At the time a browser is loading a Looker dashboard page, it will make network requests to fetch the custom visualization javascript source. You will need to host those files somewhere that can be reached by any browser that can load your dashboard, including the “Headless” browser that Looker uses internally to generate PDFs and PNGs.

Since there’s no way to guarantee that everyone who visits your dashboard is already signed-in to github with access to the private repo, you will probably need to “publish” the custom visualization source code somewhere else.

GitHub Pages looks like a promising service to make a particular branch of your repository visible to the public.

Tip: GitHub Pages sites are always publicly accessible when published, even if their repository is private.

Or you might consider publishing to an S3 bucket or Google Cloud Storage bucket as a simple webserver – especially if your Looker instance is configured to enable embedded/public Looks which might make use of your custom visualization.