Printing Looker Dashboards as single column PDFs to include page breaks between dashboard elements


(Joshua Moskovitz) #1

When printing Looker dashboards be sure to download or schedule the dashboard PDF with the single column PDF formatting setting enabled if you’d like to print with page breaks between elements on the dashboard.

PDF (Single Column): your dashboard in PDF format with all tiles shown in a single vertical column

For PDF Downloads

For Scheduled PDFs

Now when printing the PDF rendering of the dashboard, page breaks will appear between elements of the dashboard like so:

Dashboard PDFs - customization or improvement available?
(Dylan Baker) #2

@Joshua_Moskovitz Any chance of getting page breaks on the tiled pdfs as well?

(jeffrey.martinez) #3


There is a chance! We should expect this functionality to land soon, as we are actively working on this and related features with PDFs.

(Cynthia Choi) #4

Just the ability to print/render landscape instead of portrait would help me immensely. Thanks!

(Cynthia Choi) #5

I’m also having a problem with the pdf only rendering the first page of my merged results look

(jeffrey.martinez) #6

Glad to hear you’re using this so much Cindy! Whether a merge result tile or not, when exporting to PDF we will only see results based on the initial tile size as it appears on the dashboard. I’m happy to add your request for more results and landscape options (from above) on your behalf.


+1 for ability to print to landscape

(peter.whitehead) #8

@willhuntoon thanks for the feedback! I will definitely pass this along to our Product team and let them know it is something you would like to see!