Print to PDF with out Filter Headers

(Dan Groman) #1

I know this has been requested before and I’ve commented on those posts. I’m posting it as the author this time. You user base is trying to tell you something yet for some reason we are being ignored.

Can we please look into exporting to PDF w/o the Filters section? C-Level employees don’t want a bunch of filters to read through before they look at the visualizations. The reports are supposed to tell a story through visuals not through a half page of filters and visuals.

This is the type of stuff that separates Looker from other BI-Tools that have a better reputation when it comes to reporting capabilities. I maintain Looker (especially for my use case) is the best choice for querying my data due to how Look-ML works. However the whole point of using a BI-Tool is to produce a high end deliverable product to your internal or external customers. This is where Looker is falling short. Please take this issue seriously for the sake of Looker’s User Base.

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Filter Heading in PDF
(Jesus Cruz) #2

Hello @dgroman1988, Looker Support here. First and foremost, I want to say that your feedback is greatly appreciated by Looker’s Support Team and by Looker’s Product Team. The reporting use case to a C-level audience is the exact type of scenario that can help Looker better understand the impact of always printing to a PDF with Filter Headers. We always encourage you and our users to to reach out to us either via email, chat or posts with these use cases as it can only help improve Looker going forward.

With regards to this specific functionality, in speaking with our Product Team, the ability to not display filters on PDF printouts is not on the current roadmap; but, that isn’t to say that no changes are being made. There is a current focus on improving PDFs for all existing users and improving that overall experience. And as our Product Team plans for the future, there is the balance between planned work and incorporating our user’s feedback into future design considerations.


Jesus Cruz
Looker Support


(Dan Groman) #3

@jesus.cruz - thanks for the remarks. They align with what has been repeated on discourse for years.

Unfortunately this means my question still remains. How do users get issues prioritized and put on the road map? I represent my company and all of it’s users. Is there a critical mass of users you guys are looking for?


(Arielle Strong) #4

Hi Dan,

I appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your use case. This is a feature that we have considered adding and it definitely seems like it would provide a lot of value. I can’t give an exact timeframe yet, as our current focus is on upgrading our underlying PDF rendering infrastructure, which will enable us to iterate on enhancements more quickly in the future.

As Jesus mentioned, we do balance our roadmap between planned work and multiple sources of user feedback, and will take this into account as we plan the next phase of PDF enhancements.

Product @ Looker


(Dan Groman) #5

Someone liked this post. Though I was told today there is no follow up or progress made on this request. Listen to your users.


(Krste Andrioski) #6

plus 1 on this feature. We have dashboards with 15-20 filters. We don’t want them to be displayed on top of the PDF. One page is printed only for the filters then come the charts and dashboards

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