Pressing ESC to hide table calculation window closes look

(Dawid) #1

I have a dashboard that I need to edit. I click pencil icon on a look and make some changes. Then I go to a certain table calculation and the popup opens but I decide to not proceed. I press ESC and instead of the table calculation popup, the whole look is closed, losing all my previous changes


(Izzy) #2

I agree that this is confusing, but it’s also worth noting that the ESC key doesn’t close the table calc popup ever— Not in an explore, look, tile, what have you. In light of that, it’s not unreasonable for it not to do it here, I think the issue is more that it confusingly still closes the bottom window.

I agree it’d be a better experience to disable the use of ESC to close out of the look/edit modal when you’re in the table calc edit zone. I’ll do some research and see if we’d consider this a feature request or an issue we’d want to fix and file it appropriately.


(Dawid) #3

I’m not saying it ever did but since it closes an explore popup it is not a great exaggeration to assume it will also close other popups, which makes the experience easier… Thanks :slight_smile: