Possible to make "clickable" filters?

Hi -

New-ish Looker admin here, apologies if this question is answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything in the docs or by Googling.

I’m building some user dashboards in Looker and wanted to know if there’s a way to make “clickable” filters instead of having the user have to go into the filters menu. This is because my users want to easily filter down from an aggregate view of their KPIs to drill down into subsets based on many filters at once.

I’m picturing something like this:

Is this possible in Looker? Any suggestions about what I should look into for a smooth experience to drilling into specific subsets of data?


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Hi Zach -

Thanks so much for your question!

Right now we don’t have a way of doing this exactly the way you’ve outlined - the best thing you can do would be to use the suggestions parameter at the dimension level to make it easier for them to select the most commonly-used values. The way things are currently set up, if a user clicks in the filter box for a string field, a dropdown will appear with every possible value (the suggestions parameter will limit this list) - the user can then select the filter values by clicking on them. You can find more information about that here: https://docs.looker.com/reference/field-params/suggestions.

Thanks, Hilary.

If you already know common combinations of filters, you can use a Text element with links to preset selections. To get the page to refresh with the new filter, use the javascript snippet in this article:

Open Drill in Current Tab Force Refresh

Ah - that’s really useful - thanks!

Hi @hilary ,

Is it possible to automatically populate suggestions with all possible suggestions?

Currently I am putting in all of the values that exist, but when a new value comes up I have to go manually add that?


Hi @Falreign,

The default suggestion behavior without the suggestions parameter is to execute a SELECT DISTINCT query on the field, which would populate all possible values. As mentioned in the doc that hilary posted, the suggestions parameter let’s us hard code the list if we don’t want to run that query.

There isn’t currently a way to dynamically define the suggestions parameter to have all fields, but it seems like we want the behavior without the use of that parameter because the filter would select all the possible suggestions even if new ones come up.


Ah. I think my problem is that the SELECT DISTINCT queries take longer than the amount of time my users sit staring at that filter. Some of our fields have complex references in order to hold the business logic.

Should I be seeing some kind of spinning/loading image appear when we select the filters?


Yes, there should be spinning bars while the suggestions populate. This would appear on the right side of the filter box, when a user clicks into the filter.

With that field having complex references, it sounds like suggestions would be appropriate, since the SELECT DISTINCT that gets run could be too slow. I can let the product team know that you’re looking a way to reference all possible values in the suggestions parameter.


Yes thank you! It would be awesome to have some way to preprocess the SELECT DISTINCT options.

You’re welcome, @Falreign! Thanks for the feedback! I’ve relayed it to the product team.

Hi all,

Is there any update on this functionality? I too would like to show a dropdown field which is pre-populated to my users, as the suggestions often take too long to load.


No update on this functionality yet, the suggestions on using suggestions and parameter to define some allowed values still stand as the best way to get this done.

Does Looker have any plans to eventually allow more customization of filters? For example allowing use of check boxes (Zach’s original question), radio buttons, sliders, etc. Or customizing the layout of filters? Our users’ most common complaints are about the filters bar, so I’m just curious if we can expect to see any enhancements on the roadmap at some point.

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We’re working on some really beautiful enhancements to dashboard filters. Here’s a screenshot of the slide from our external roadmap:

I clock a radio button, a slider, and more!


Thanks for the update Izzy, that’s great news! Having filter options like that will make a huge difference for our users.