Plot on map with Canada Zipcode and Province

I want to create a map visualization on looker with Canadian Zipcodes (in string data type) and Province (in short form eg NL). Please how can I go about it?

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i have the same question.
i have Australian postcode, state, country in fields and I want to plot a map.
How do I go about doing this?

i tried adding another field in the lookML as type: location, but its telling me to use SQL Locations with it - but I dont know what this is?

Since we don’t include Canadian zipcodes as a map_layer_name out of the box, you’ll have to add a custom map_layer yourself. This help center article should walk you through all the necessary steps! Often, with a little googling you can find a .shp or a .topojson that’s already been created for you, and just import that into Looker.

Oh actually, it looks like @Mintz has already wrapped up some common ones:

@GenDemo, looks like you’re out of luck with Australia (though it should be pretty easy to find yourself, and ask here if you hit trouble), but there is a Canadian province map_layer there for @awotsn!