Pie Charts Legends Need to be Configurable

Right now, when I create a pie chart my options for a legend are “None”, “Legend”, and “Labels”.

When I select “Legend”, I have no control over how the legend is displayed. It defaults to showing the label, and then a percentage with 2 decimal places. In a lot of my data, that 2 decimal places is not helpful at all. Since my users are scientists, they are picky about these things.

It would be helpful to disable the %'s on the label and to also be able to specify a number format, for when I do want to show them.

As always, it would also be really helpful if I could include additional data in the popup/over for each element of the pie chart as well (e.g. designate one dimension and one measure to produce the chart, and then have everything else show up in the popup/over).

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Here’s an example chart. As you can see, it has those wacky extra decimal places. I also failed to mention that the fact that the percentages are right up against the text of the label makes it very hard to read. They should either be justified to the right, or there should be some kind of extra spacing between the text label and the %.

Agreed. I would like to see more customisable options with the legend and labels.

Examples would include:

  1. Have separate options for legend and labels (e.g. show a legend outside of the chart, but also have values or percentages for the pie segments showing as well)
  2. Choose whether the label is shown inside or outside of the pie segments
  3. Choose how many decimal places are shown on the label
  4. Choose whether the legend + label option is shown as separated by a “-”, “,”, or a new line for each

+1 for the ability to control the decimal places!!

Voted. Here we are looking for controlling decimal places in the legend and switching the legend to counts.

Controlling Decimal Places in the Legend:

If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked me to round the decimal places away in the legend then I probably would have acquired Looker before Google did and had the change made myself. I walk into any meeting with our executives, or even our customer’s executives (who build and receive these reports - we have a “Powered by Looker” interface embedded into our application), prepared to deliver the “Yes, I would love to do that but unfortunately cannot.” speech.

Counts in Legends

We are also asked regularly to include counts in the legend as opposed to percentages, but often times cannot find a way to fit the Labels with counts into the dashboard attractively (the labels take up a lot more space than the legend does, so you end up with a really tiny pie or have to create a really big tile).

We definitely understand how having percentages in the legend makes the most sense, and that is our best practice and part of our internal Looker style guidelines. However, on many occasions, our users find the counts more helpful than the percentages and specifically request them.

This means that we end up creating a table tile to sit beside most of our pie tiles, which not only takes up valuable real estate but can also definitely clutter up a dashboard visually.

First time I really needed pie charts and realised we don’t have a lot of customisation options for the legend : (

I would add the ability to position the legend left, right, top, or bottom of the chart

Upvoting this request! Would love to be able to round up those decimals!