PDT Overrides not working


(Mathieu) #1

I try to setup PDT Overrides on the connections page. That seem to me just to do nothing.

This is my setup:

This is the error when I test the connexion:

* Can connect
* Can cancel queries
* Can run simple select query
* Confirmed database time zone
* Cannot find temp schema "looker_scratch_local", "information_schema" failed (SELECT SCHEMA_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA WHERE SCHEMA_NAME = 'looker_scratch_local')
* Cannot create temporary tables[temporary indexed table] Java::JavaSql::SQLSyntaxErrorException: (conn=2030) Access denied for user 'looker'@'%' to database 'looker_scratch_local'
* Cannot use persistent derived tables in "looker_scratch_local"[ensure read_only disabled] Java::JavaSql::SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: Access denied for user 'looker2'@'' (using password: NO)
* Compatible mysql version (5.6.36-82.0-56-log)

The 3 error lines are meaningless if the feature exists.


(Izzy) #2

It looks to me like it’s looking for the looker_scratch_local database (which means it’s overriding properly), but it looks like that doesn’t exist/doesn’t have proper permissions. Have you granted the requisite access for looker2 on that database, and followed the instructions to setup the scratch schema?

From those logs, it seems like it’s taking the inputs from the PDT override section alright, so I bet the error lies in those setup steps.