Parameters affecting fields in different views

(Akash Agrawal) #1

I’m trying to get a parameter field to impact dimensions in different views. Let’s say the parameter is defined in view A, and a dimension is using it for some calculation. Now, I also want to use the same parameter value in a dimension in view B without having to define a separate parameter in view B (because then I’ll end up with two filters on the dashboard where the user will have to enter the same value).

Is this possible? If not, what’s the best workaround for it?

(Lauren Boltz) #2

Hi @akash, thank you for your post!

It is possible to reference parameters from other views using using {% parameter view_name.field_name %} as long as the other view is joined in, as with a regular field reference.

One thing to keep in mind also is looking out for the from parameter at the join or explore level, as this will re-scope the field.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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(Akash Agrawal) #3

Great! Thanks @lauren.boltz!