Overriding the 5000 row limit for API calls in LookR


(Meredith Miller) #1

I’ve been using LookR to pull data from a few saved Looks into R and have previously set the row limit for the saved Looks in the UI to 1,000,000 to have all results past 5,000 rows returned when running the code in R.

Today, I tried to edit one of the saved Looks and was unable to save the Look without modifying the row limit to <5,000, defeating the purpose of what I was trying to do (pull out >5,000 rows into R).

I know I can run an inline query and not specify a number of rows to get around this issue, but I’m wondering if there’s a way around this with the saved Look either in the UI or using LookR without having to change all the saved Looks to inline queries.

(Max Corbin) #2

hey there @Meredith_Miller! I’m the maintainer of the LookR repository, I can answer this question.

The limit override functionality in LookR currently isn’t operating as intended, and I believe that is a mistake on my part. The issue has been lingering for some time because LookR is, at the moment, a volunteer-run project that is maintained mostly by me in my evenings and weekends.

However, I believe that we should be able to do this in theory, despite the limitations in the project on saving Looks with no row limits. Like always, this will only work for Looks which do not use features which require the Look to load in-memory, including things like table calculations and pivots.

I’d like to invite you to +1 the Github issue for this problem here and if you have any follow up questions I would be very happy to address them there: https://github.com/looker/lookr/issues/11