Ordering of Table Calculations, Measures, and Drill Fields

(Sam Wilson) #1

When we have a look that combines measures and table calculations, there are times when we need the table calculation to be visibly in front of the measure. For example, when displaying a bar graph and wanting to have a calculated cumulative distribution function as a line, by default, the measure (the bars) appears in front of the calculation (the line). As a result, it is often impossible to see or select the data points on the line.

Because we cannot re-order table calculations in front of measures, we are forced to create a surrogate table calculation for the the measure and hide the original measure (e.g. if the measure is “orders per month”, we have to create a calculation called “order per month” that equals the measure, which we can then properly order).

Unfortunately, because drill fields can only be applied to measures, we cannot also have drill fields on such charts. This is a problem.

Ideally, we would simply be able to order table calculations before measures. However, it would also be nice if it were possible to associate a set of drill fields with a table calculation.

Either works for us. Both would be fantastic.


[FIXED in 3.36] Issues with dragging & dropping table calculation columns
(Sam Wilson) #2

A possible way to get around the complexity of needing order the measures and the table calculations would be to offer a “z-index” attribute on series so that we could override the visual composition without depending on the table ordering.

(This would eliminate the need for the surrogate table calculations and thus make the drill fields accessible again.)


(Arthur Smith) #3

I just discovered this was still a problem now (Looker 6.6.11) - see [FIXED in 3.36] Issues with dragging & dropping table calculation columns - A table calculation should be able to be treated like any other column in the results table or like any series in a visualization, I don’t see why it needs to be specially placed.