Order of table calculations

(Dawid) #1

I don’t always create table calculations in the order I want them displayed but I’m having a nightmare trying to move them in the Data tab. When I click on a header and start moving I have the following:


When I click and start dragging it the next header also becomes blank, everything else shifts one to the right.

But I can’t actually move it in between other metrics. I can only put it as first or last table calculation (I have 8)


(Kyle) #2

At the moment table calculations cannot be moved between measures and dimensions. I believe there is a feature request in community. See How to move table calculation left or between measures rather than default at the end?. Sometimes I have had issues moving table calculations between other table calculations. If that is the case I would reach out to support

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(Nicholas Wong) #3

I think it will be a good and useful feature to have… Perhaps someone should bring this up! :slight_smile: