Onboarding new Looker users [Win swag!]

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our last post. To keep the momentum going we have another opportunity to win swag for the top post. Properly onboarding new users to your Looker instance can help drive user adoption. Tell us how you go about onboarding new users to your Looker instance. What has worked particularly well?

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I have a different strategy for each type of user we onboard:

  1. for developers I’ve created a best practice document in markdown to get new analysts up and running more quickly and have them make small updates to explores and fill in missing definitions to get more familiar with the data and the general structure.
  2. for explorers I introduce them to the most popular models they can explore and also give them introductions to easy features like explore from here so they can see how existing charts are created to give them ideas.
  3. For general users I try to make sure to limit their access to only the important content for them so they don’t get overwhelmed. We also make use of the welcome board with slides, training videos, and a quick note on navigating Looker.

For big reporting releases we provide ~15 minute training on how to use the dashboard.

All of this is followed by Admin reporting to make sure our new users are properly adopting and pro-actively reaching out once a month if we see a drop off in usage. It’s great to see the number of queries/views going up and explorers creating more content and a good mechanism for us to reach out if there are drops in usage.


Thanks for your awesome response @Zach_Cooper. I love how you’ve thought through the onboarding needs of different user types. As our only respondent, you deserve some SWAG! I’ll DM you. More opportunities for SWAG ahead as I’ll be posting more questions. Keep your eye out!

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Awesome! Happy to be involved in the Looker community