New bind_all_filters option for NDT causing errors

I am trying to use the new bind_all_filters option for a NDT. The NDT is used to dimensionalize some measures so that I can tier them for a histogram. The NDT is joined to the source explore. I found the bind_all_filters gives me a great performance boost but I found that I cannot do things like filter on the tiers. I get and error and the SQL cannot be rendered saying:

A LookML model issue prevented this query from running.

There was a problem building the derived table for view “live_video_histogram”. Circular dependency detected from derived table to source explore “live_video”.

If I remove the bind all filters everything is fine.I get the same error if I try to drill in on the histogram count result which is basically doing a similar thing running a query with a filter on the histogram tier…

Thanks for the bug report. We have a fix for this in the upcoming 6.22 release.

Do you happen to have timing for the 6.22 release ?

6.22 release cuts 10/7 and is deployed to hosted instance throughout October depending on release group.

Can we get a priority for the “release group” and get the new version on our instance as soon as it is available?

If you’re interested in getting the new version ASAP, the best thing to do is reach out to the Department of Customer Love at or via in-app chat— They’ll be able to coordinate all that.

“Department of Customer Love” I am impressed with that handle…

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