Nesting model sets

(Ian) #1

I would love to be able to nest model sets to be able to solve this situation:
I want the whole company to have view permissions on all models yet certain teams developer access on their own models.
I want to set it up as so…

Finance Model set -> finance_models
Marketing Model set -> marketing_models

View permissions set -> viewer
Dev permissions set -> developer

Finance Role -> finance_developer (combo of finance_models + developer)
Marketing Role -> marketing_developer (combo of marketing_models + developer)

This is all good so far but I want marketing to be able to have viewer on finance and vice versa.

To do this I need a new role (Company Viewer -> company_viewer). This will use the viewer permission set and then I need to combine it with a model set.
This extra model set (lets call it company_models) will be the sum of all the other model sets, at the moment I have to select these manually and when a new model is created (eg finance) then it needs to be added into both the finance_models and the company_models.

I don’t want to use the “all” models as we have some “secret” models and my example is simplified for explanation purposes - we have many many models for many many departments.

(Lauren Boltz) #2

Hi @IanT!

Thank you for your post, and for the great detail of your use case and need for a nested model sets/permission feature to make assigning permissions easier and less of a manual process. I am passing this great feedback on to our product team!

In the meantime, using view permissions on a model by model basis (although more manual) is the best workaround.

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