Multi-line regex LookML search

Is it possible to use regular expressions when searching a project to match LookML across multiple lines? Specifically I’d like to search for multi-line comments, but I can’t even match a newline with \n or \\n and it’s not clear what regex variety the code search uses.

I think we treat newline as single spaces. Our internal note about this links out to this stackoverflow

Thanks for the link @izzy but I still can’t make it work! :confused:

No matter what I do the matches are only ever on one line; if it’s grep doing the searching then I think it might command line options set to enable this.

Not a huge problem but if you happen to find an example that’d be nice.

Ah yeah, guess my suggestion was not that useful! It looks like there isn’t a way to do this in the IDE yet, but it’s been asked about a few times before and we have tracking on it.

You could probably download the LookML and then use the command line to search, but it would be super slick from the IDE. Good feedback!

Yeh if I really need to do complex matches I’ll pull down the code and use a text editor. FWIW in this situation I’m looking for commented-out LookML to clean up and the following does the job:
This could obvs be expanded to catch other top-level parameters.