MTD result accumulated each day

I have already build a MTD for sales for the days in the current month. And i have some results. But i have a problem. Im trying to get the sum of sales accumulated per day and rising for each day.

my result today:
date sales
2019-07-01 100
2019-07-02 50
2019-07-03 20

Im trying to get this:
date sales
2019-07-01 100
2019-07-02 150
2019-07-03 170

Now Im only showing the result for the day. Do i have to do something in my mesure?

Thank You!

Hey Steven - I think a running_total is your best bet - check it out here at

Thank you!

I tried but got an error message : filters:’ is not supported for measures of non-aggregate type ‘running_total’

I have a filter in my measure.

@Steven_Ivanoff You can achieve the same thing with a table calculation e.g.

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Thank you! It works!