Moving/Editing Tiles: Too slow


I have a relatively heavy dashboard. It is insanely hard to move tiles around. It takes forever to edit a simple change. I have tried restarting my laptop and only keeping the looker application open and running still doesn’t help.

Any tips?



+1 in terms of moving tiles around a dashboard - it’s great that you can just drag tiles to move them around but I find that if you have a dashboard with a number of tiles, it can be slightly clunky to rearrange them.

Just to add to this, if you’re trying to drag a measure to be a secondary axis by moving it to be under the “Right” axis (in the visualisation edit) , this can also be clunky.

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Same here… got dashboards with 40 little tiles and even though they’re not data-heavy, they’re definitely heavy enough to move


Agreed, editing any dashboard that is longer than ≈ 1 screen length is cumbersome and tedious!

If you have any line charts in the dashboard, I found that switching the ‘Point Style’ to None, helps reduce the edit mode loading times by half.

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True. Also data labels are slowing down the engine heavily, While I can live without styling the point, I can’t live without my data labels!

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We’ve got the same issue in Tourradar, very frustrated

Are you referring to data labels everywhere in the product, or specifically on dashboards with lots of tiles?

I totally hear all of you on the performance and reorganization woes here. Although this opens another can of worms— We recommend that you keep dashboards to under 25 tiles due to performance concerns like the ones you’re talking about. As @Dawid_Nawrot noted, performance issues are not necessarily due to the size of a tile or data itself, rather just the presence of a tile/tiles.

I was going to show a gif, but I don’t think I’m allowed because it’s still top-secret— We’re rebuilding dashboards entirely from the ground up and aside from Looking really pretty, the dragging/reorganizing chaos is gone, and performance is drastically improved at 25+ tiles.

Look for new dashboards coming to a beta feature near you in not too much longer. In the meantime, thanks for your patience (and thanks @Afroditi_Atmatsidou for the speed tip).