Move calculated fields

I also +1 this. Is there any additional updates on this? Workarounds via code, or perhaps an update which will allow this? Thanks

Hi @drogalski

Currently this is not possible in Looker, I can pass your feedback to the product team.
However, we can change the calculated field to be measure-based, this way you can move it through your other measures. To do so, you need to add: + ${Measure} * 0 in the table calc, this modification wont change the value it will only convert the table calc to a measure.

@Sara_Guzman Adding +1 on this feature request. Our use case its exactly this one Move calculated fields

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+1 on feature request

Another +1 on the feature. Workaround is not too hard. Example: Dimension for Week, Measures for Total # Orders, Total Items Sold, Total $ Sold. Calculation #1 is Items per Order, Calculation #2 is $ per Order.

Simply make a new Calculation #2 that directly references the Total $ Sold Measure, and Hide from Visualization for that Measure. Then make Calc #3 $ per Order. So essentially move the Measure to the right by making it a Calc and hiding it.

+1 for this feature.

Want to display set of measures interspersed with totals grouping those measures together.

My current workaround is to just generate all the columns as calculated measures in the order you want to see them, then hide the actual measures themselves, but this is very hacky!!

Hi Greg,

Thank you for letting us know, I have passed your use case to our product team to push on the desire for this functionality. Your workaround is the recommended method to achieve a similar outcome.


+1 for the feature

Hey @Baran_Toppare I’ve passed your feedback as well to our product team.

+1 :slight_smile:

Whisked off to the Feature Requests section. I’ll retroactively add in some votes, but in the meantime, click that vote button :smiley:

Has any progress been made here? This issue has come up for me numerous times. I would like to have the ability to move measures and calculations in between other measures + dimensions.

This is a pretty ridiculous limitation of looker. I worked around it by having all the column being table calculations depending on the calculated column in a meaningless way, inefficient, and silly. but it work.

I know that I would personally really appreciate this feature.

Right now, I do a ton of the workaround (creating another table calculation that directly references a dimension or measure so that I can move it around between the other table calculations) but do struggle with the drawbacks to the workaround. Namely:

  • Losing drills
  • Decreased performance from having an additional table calculation

Voted & will wait patiently. :slight_smile:

No need to wait patiently, John! (Well, maybe just a little bit).

Looker 6.14 brings this functionality for the first time, in the experimental Table-next visualization. Check it out: Looker 6.14 Release Notes

This version’s rolling out to all our customers now, so it’s possible that you don’t yet have it— But you certainly will soon.

Give us lots of feedback, as it’s still in labs/beta :slight_smile:

+1 on this request, we should be able to move the calculations in the table, and the workaround of creating calculations that actually represent the original fields and hide every original field has the drawback that you lose any drill fields possibility. Plus it’s a pain to set up and you don’t have the rights to any mistake.
Also @izzy, what you’re refering to is actually a visualisation type right? Cause I think what we really need is the ability to move them in the “data” part of the explore, to act on all types of visualisations we do (be it tables, charts, timelines…)

Ah right, that makes sense. Luckily, the “Table-next” visualization is eventually going to replace the Data part of the explore, this is just the testing grounds for it (still a beta feature).

So I might roll back that “no need to wait patiently”, but it will eventually be the standard functionality and that will be possible.

Nice! Looking forward to it then

+1 on this request

+1 on this request. Seems like a basic feature.