Merged Results and dev mode/production LookML (custom fields too?)

(Simon Clark) #1

I just wanted to confirm something from my experience which I don’t see documented anywhere, namely that merged results only work properly on your production LookML.

It seems that, while I can build/run a query to merge in the Explore dialog using (saved or committed)-but-not-deployed LookML objects, when I save it, it disappears.

I’m guessing since merging is intended for non-developers it’s intended to work only on the production LookML, but it’d be good to have this confirmed, and maybe noted somewhere in the docs or even in the UI (maybe like the dev mode warning on the content validator).

I haven’t checked but from memory I think custom fields work in similar way and again I haven’t seen this documented - sorry if I’ve missed it in the docs somewhere!


(Izzy) #2

Me and a few colleagues have been testing this and we can’t seem to replicate the issue— Are you super duper sure it’s not a dev/prod switching confusion issue?

Learning more about what you mean by “disappears” would be useful too. Gone from the dashboard? There, but not working? Any more details to help reproduce would be great!


(Simon Clark) #3

What I meant was after clicking ‘save’ in the merge dialog, the query I’d just built wasn’t there under source queries, and it seemed that this only occurred if I was including e.g. a new dimension that wasn’t deployed yet.

But… having tried to replicate this again this morning, I can’t… :man_facepalming: - sorry to waste your time - I’ll check more thoroughly before posting next time! :slightly_smiling_face:


(Izzy) #4

No worries! Still definitely worth reporting, I believe you :slight_smile:
Just have to figure out what the perfect storm is to get it to happen. Drop back in if you find anything out.

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