Merged Result API

(Kyle) #1

Hi All,

Does anyone have any documentation (or is it possible) to do an API on a merged result in a dashboard?


(Elliot Park) #2

Hi @kpmartin87,

Thanks for writing in. Would you mind elaborating on what you’re trying to do with the API and merge results (i.e. Are you trying to run a dashboard with an merge result tile via the API? Add a merge result tile to a dashboard? Etc.)?


(Kyle) #3

Hi @Ellio,

I am specifically trying to get all the data from a merged query tile on a dashboard and post that data elsewhere.


(Elliot Park) #4

Gotcha, thanks for the context Kyle!

While it’s currently not possible to run merged queries (and get merged query results) via the API, the ability to do so will come with the official release of Looker API 3.1. There’s no firm timeline on when API 3.1 will be released, but keep your eyes on our release notes for more information!

Have a good one,

(Rohit Talwalkar) #5

Hi folks, wondering if there’s been any progress or updates? It’d be really great to have the API return the merge results.