Merged Explore Table Calculation Sorting in LookML Dashboard

Update: Confirmed that LookML Dashboard retains the sort on calculated fields for single explore queries. The sort on the calculated field is NOT retained on a merged query LookML Dashboard element. Normal (non LookML dashboards) retain sorts in both cases.

I have a merged query with a table calculation that is used in a lookml dashboard.
The dashboard element shows the merged query sorted by the master query sort no matter what I use in the sorts lookml value array.

name,count (sort desc)

name,count (sort desc)

merge query 1 (master) -> query 2 on name

Add a calculated field “sum” = query1.count + query2.count

sorts: [sum desc] <- has no effect in lookml dashboards. seems to always sort by the master query count sort.

Note: If I add the explore to a dashboard that is not lookml based, it will keep the sort as it was in the explore.

Any idea how to get the lookml dashboard element to sort on the calculated field?

Looker v6.16.11