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(Haley Baldwin) #1

I wasn’t able to find good documentation on this, so thought I’d make a post here in case anyone is trying to do something similar.

You can create a navigation sidebar for Markdown documents using this format at the top of each Markdown document:

title: Help Center
  - section: Help Center
  - document: overview_doc
    label: Overview
  - document: data_sources_doc
    label: Data Sources
  - document: data_definitions_doc
    label: Data Definitions
  - document: faq_doc
    label: FAQ
  - document: release_notes_doc
    label: Release Notes

And it will appear as a sidebar like this:

Users can get there from any dashboard by clicking a Help link at the top of every page. We created that link by adding a text tile with HTML at the top of each page:

  - name: Help Link
    type: text
    title_text: "<a href='/projects/model/documents/' ><i class='fa fa-question-circle' aria-hidden='true'></i> Help</a>"

And it looks like this:

The icon comes from the Font Awesome library.

Hope this is helpful to someone!


Custom Looker Home Page - Labs Feature
The Podium — February 27th, 2019
(Nicholas Wong) #2

This is great stuff. I just thought I should drop a link back to an old question that was posted on discourse regarding markdown document navigation. Check it out at Adding Markdown Document to a Dashboard.


(Ian) #3

Thanks for this, I have been searching around for this syntax and it isn’t anywhere online!
I am struggling setting the document to a location other than the current path (I am spreading my documentation out across the projects in which the documentation refers).
Anywhere I can do some more reading or any help greatly appreciated.

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(Izzy) #4

I’ve been trying to figure this one out with the help of a few others, and I can’t find much more than you. Our docs do have this: which explains the use of the syntax, but don’t shed light on how to reference another project.

We are on the hunt internally, and we’ll definitely figure it out one way or the other. Stay tuned.


(Izzy) #5

It looks like it’s not currently possible to reference documents from other projects— Worth opening a feature request for! I suppose you could add literal links to get there, but it won’t mesh as nicely.


(Ian) #6

I am far from even a rookie with html/css/md but something seems off. This page suggests that the css tag of “float” is ok, yet on a md document page I cant get anything to stick to either side (I am making my own navigation panel). It just puts everything into the middle of the page. I can hack it around so that it pushes it to the left by putting stuff on the right of it but this is going to mess up with different screen sizes and is far from consistent.
Anyone offer any help here?

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(Izzy) #7

That docs page specifically references which parameters are allowed in the html parameters— I think the dashboard text is actually “Github Flavored Markdown”, which includes some but not all the functionality of HTML.

I wonder if markdown just doesn’t support the use of those kinds of tags? That seems unlikely to me.

Getting this some visibility from those who know just what Looker’s markdown is capable of…


(Ian) #8

Hi, any news on this one?

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(Izzy) #9

I did some research but similarly couldn’t figure it out, waiting on the engineers who created our markdown implementation to get back to me. I won’t forget to update this thread.

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