Looking Looker configuration for DST(daylight saving time) settings


(asha) #1

Hi Looker Support,

I am looking for any configuration for time zone with DST (Daylight saving Time) settings. So looker automatically updates the timezone zone with DST.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you.
Asha chhikara

(My Lux Home) #2

Hey! I think this should go under the request section! :smiley:

(Izzy) #3

I think we do account for daylight savings time! It just depends on the time zone that you pick. If you pick “America/New_York”, that chooses the “ESTEDT” timezone which does automatically account for daylight savings time. If you’ve explicitly chosen an EST/PST time zone, then it won’t apply. But, if you pick the geo-based time zones, it should automatically update.