Looker with Digital Signage Applications?

(Jeremy Anderson) #1

We are looking for anyone who has used Looker successfully with digital signage applications. Our support center a few dashboards which show various internal metrics. When scheduling URLs in our digital signage platform, they don’t play since the remote playback device is not authenticating with valid credentials. We just get the login screen.

Is there a method for passing the user credentials in the URL string? Any way to auto-login?

(Adina Katz) #2

Hi Jeremy,

We don’t currently have a way to pass in user credentials via a URL. A way to bypass the login requirements would be to pass in an embed url instead. This feature is something that you’d need to discuss with your account team.

Let me know if there is anything I can clarify!


(Guy Avital) #3

check out UCView Digital Signage. here is the blog entry