Looker usage - find all users who use a specific explore in last 90 days



Hi -

I’m trying to simplify the set of explores we expose to our company. That involves removing existing explores from the frontend so users stop using them. Before I remove an explore, I’d like to reach out to the users who have used the to-be-removed explore and notify them of the change.

Is there a way I can find all users who used a specific explore in last 90 days?

Additionally - does anyone have any tips on how to ease a user-base through a transition such as this, where several explores in use will be replaces by new and better ones?


(Menashe Hamm) #2

Try /explore/i__looker/history.

Filter by Query: Created Date, Query: Model, and Query: Explore, and add User: Name to the results.

As for easing users through a transition, you can use the Content Validator to replace explore, view, and field names in stored looks and dashboards, so the transition should be seamless if you can map things properly form one explore to another. Except for stored Looker URLs that people use (that aren’t stored looks or dashboards): those will all need to be updated….


thanks for the help