Looker performance alerting

This is an idea I’ve long wanted to create— We have i__looker and now we have the new & improved system activity.

Even though the model itself can’t be edited, it could be really cool to build some kind of comprehensive Looker performance alerting engine based on schedules on system activity looks. (I think we’re actually working on building an internal alerting system, but not necessarily just for performance/internal db). This would be pretty neat and immediately useful!


I would love to work on this!!
what is i__looker? where can I find more of it?

I’d love to see what you create!

We have some documentation on i__looker:

And system activity is the new and improved version, which is in labs right now— It works much the same. I think it’s possible that the hackathon instances just have system activity— In which case your URL would look like: for example.

In the explore dropdown, you should see a bunch of them:

I bet you can find something interesting to work on there! History, scheduled_plan, look, dashboard, dashboard_performance, pdt_log all might be especially interesting to you.

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Hey Izzy are the special credentials to log in to these Hackathon instances?
Cant log in with my regular ones

Hey Manuel, I think people at the event will be able to set you up with credentials!

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