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#Experimental Custom Fields
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Available on Looker 5.14: Experimental Custom Fields!
Learn more about what Experimental means here. Your opinions will determine the final form Custom Fields take, please reach out to feedback@looker.com with your thoughts.

This is an exciting new feature that allows all data explorers to create their own dimensions and measures, on the fly. Custom Fields generate behave just like fields generated with LookML, only they are written using Looker Expressions on the Explore page you’re already on rather than in a LookML file in the IDE. This empowers all data explorers, not just LookML developers, to get access to the data they need.

For a step by step example of how to use this feature, check it out on Next.

##Custom Fields Exercise: Using Custom Fields to Determine Which Names are Gender-Neutral

  1. Work through this example for an introduction to using custom fields.
  2. Of those [top 100 names] (https://next.looker.com/looks/8) how many of them can be considered gender-neutral? If you were purchasing different souvenirs for different genders how would you change this Look?
  3. How would you create a re-usable custom field to help with a greater exploration of the popularity of gender-neutral names throughout the rest of the United States?
  4. If you were in charge of purchasing personalized souvenirs for all the major state parks throughout the United States, how might you organize this Look to help you determine where to send which magnets?

If you are interested in enabling this feature on your Looker instance, please follow the instructions to do so here.

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