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Looker Map / Store Points and Sales Heat Map in one dashboard

I have a straightforward question, how to show in a SINGLE map:

  1. Store locations (I have Lat/Long) - As dots on the map
  2. Sales (I have Lat/Long) - As HeatMap

Ha! Following. I’ve asked Looker people how to do this as well.

Maybe this not possible, that’s why no reply ))

Hi @Denis_Sineiko, great question. The answer is a bit nuanced, but here goes:

Looker can map two layers simultaneously, one as points and one as a chloropleth of colored polygons. I think that’s what you’re asking for. But in order to do that, the Sales you’re talking about mapping as a HeatMap (by which I think you mean a chloropleth), you’re going to need to define a set of polygons, rather than just having lat/long.

A lat/long, by definition, is a point. So in order to drive a chloropleth, you’re going to need polygons, not points. One way to do that would be by rolling sales data up to something like post code. Not sure what country you’re looking at, but we have predefined map layers for US ZIP codes and UK postal areas built in, and we’ve also made custom layers for UK postal districts/regions as well as French codes postaux available here.

Once you’ve figured out how you want to map the chloropleths, then you’re going to want to format your data in an admittedly kind of strange way. Basically, each row in your dataset will need to describe either one of the polygons or the points.

So, as an example, it’ll look something like this:

And the ZIP code will be of type: zipcode and the store location will be of type: location. Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if you’ve got questions.

Thank you for your reply @Mintz

I have done two points, one for Store and another for Destination:

It does work with points (not the way I need as well as it limit the number of points which will be displayed), as well as unfortunately a heat-map can accept only single location field (Is it any workaround?)

Looking for something like this:

Ah, I see, when you said heatmap you meant this. I thought you meant a chloropleth. I don’t think this is going to work. The heatmap is meant to automatically group points into equisized blocks and then regroup the points, making the blocks smaller and more detailed as you zoom in.

If instead you could group the points of the sales into regions (like ZIP code or county) and then use that to drive a chloropleth map, you could do that and overlay the points of the store locations.

@Mintz So no real way to have sales heat map with store location as points?

That will be extremely useful to have layer functionality for maps.

Just so I can make sure I understand what you’re trying to do, you want to map one group of points (sales address) as our “automagic heat map”, where it aggregates all the points inside a block together, while the points that represent the stores remain as points?

I think that’s beyond what we can do directly in the maps. If, however, you do the work to pre-aggregate sales addresses up to the ZIP code or county or state, then you should be able to map those regions and the points representing the stores simultaneously. So it’d look something like this:

@Denis_Sineiko so I had a chat with @Mintz on this following our convo at GNext:
Basically, you need a map_layer dimension and a location dimension and then you UNION them together so that each row in a column either has a value for the map_layer or has a value for the location (but not both)

So the query ends up being something like:

NULL as postal_code
NULL as latitude,
NULL as longitude,

So if effect there’s only one location column and looker leaks out non map-layer bits as points - these I believe are then the points outside of the coloured areas.

Hope this helps!