Looker Embed SDK Angular

Hi all,
Has anyone used the Looker Embed SDK with Angular? The example github respository shows using it with Node.js, which is only slightly helpful. Plus, the SDK documentation doesn’t seem to match how it’s being used in the Node.js example.
If anyone has any suggestions, pointers or references how to use the SDK with Angular, that would be very much appreciated!

I think the reason we don’t publish an Angular example is because angular typically runs browser-side, and we don’t recommend storing sensitive information like an embed secret in any code that’ll run in other peoples’ browsers.

So you can totally do it, and people totally have, but I think we’re hesitant to endorse that from a security standpoint. As long as you have a library that’s capable of building the signature, you should be able to build the URL without too much trouble.

Hi Izzy,

Thanks for the reply. In my case all I’m doing now is embedding a Look in an Angular page, no longer trying to use the SDK. However it, if you have any other documentation/examples of how to use the Look Visualization system, that would be helpful. I’ve looked at the documentation and find it very confusing. :frowning: