Looker Email Templating tool

What do you want to build?:

I’d like to build a (hopefully lightweight) tool that allows user to easily send custom emails that automatically pull data from Looker.

Initially, as an MVP, I imagine it would just be single values. You would set up a file that looks something like the following:

Hey everyone, 

Yesterday we added {{ look_single_value(123) }} customers. 

Blah blah blah more info. Ciao

The tool would take that file and some config settings, grab the result of the Look with ID 123, and send the email (probably via a 3rd party tool like Mailgun).

Building off that, I think you could add functionality for:

  • charts (pictures)
  • template logic based on results, i.e.
{% if look_single_value(123) > 0 %}
Yesterday we added {{ look_single_value(123) }} customers. 
{% elif look_single_value(123) < 0 %}
Yesterday we lost {{ look_single_value(123) }} customers. 
{% endif %}

The syntax above is based on Jinja, which is simply the templating language I’m most familiar with.

What’s super cool about this idea?

While sending dashboards and looks directly from Looker can be really effective, sometimes there is value in added customisation (or the email simply looking like it was sent from a person). Currently, I don’t know of a good tool to queue up emails like that.

This is typically the type of email that, if sent manually, is done by some junior analyst and is a bit of a time sink. They should be doing cooler things.

This is heavily inspired by Matt Mazur’s post and talk from JOIN 2018.

Also inspired by this post from @joshtemple as the type of email that could be set up with this type of tool.

Introduce yourself quickly!

I’m a freelance analytics consultant/engineer. I’ve been using Looker for almost 4 years and have some experience building tools on top of the Looker API.

I recently built an MVP for a tool that allows you to control Looker roles, groups, permission sets and models sets via text files (.yml) and the command line.

Do you already have teammates or are you looking for some?

No teammates yet, so let’s chat if this sounds interesting.


@dylan.baker Python developer here. Want to chat? :smiley: