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About Looker Dialect Support

Looker supports a wide range of databases and dialects. Because Looker is committed to supporting cutting-edge technology—and because our product works best with some of the most advanced dialect features—some dialects allow for better Looker experiences than others based on the features available in each of them.

To shed some light on these differences, we’ve put together a ranking system, along with the dialects that fall into each category. To find out more about a dialect you’re interested in, please reach out to your analyst! We’d be happy to share more details.

Level 1 Dialects

Dialects in this category allow for all of the best, most important features that unlock the power of Looker & LookML to be fast and useful. Using these dialects enables the best possible experience that Looker can offer.

  • Actian Avalanche
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Apache Spark 1.5+
  • Apache Spark 2.0
  • Clustrix
  • Exasol
  • Google BigQuery Legacy SQL
  • Google BigQuery Standard SQL
  • Google Cloud PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • IBM Netezza
  • MariaDB
  • MemSQL
  • Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008+
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • PrestoDB
  • Qubole Presto
  • Qubole Presto Service
  • Snowflake
  • Teradata
  • Vector
  • Vertica 7.1+

Level 2 Dialects

Dialects in this category allow for most of the best, most important features that unlock the power of LookML to be fast and useful. Using these dialects enables a very good experience using Looker. Many of these dialects will continue to be developed and improved over time, as new features are released by the dialect.

  • Amazon Athena
  • Apache Hive2
  • Aster Data
  • BlinkDB
  • Cloudera Impala
  • DataVirtuality
  • Denodo
  • Denodo 7
  • Greenplum
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud
  • Oracle ADWC
  • Vertica 6
  • XtremeData

Level 3 Dialects

Dialects in this category support basic Looker functionality, and are currently being explored for more robust feature support.

  • Dremio
  • Druid
  • Google Cloud Spanner
  • HyperSQL
  • MongoBI

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