Looker Customer Support Details

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Looker’s Customer Support processes are different than some traditional organizations. We try to streamline and simplify the process, and make sure you talk to an articulate, proficient Analyst without needing to be escalated. For these reasons, you may find our processes simpler than you’re used to, but we think you’ll be pleased with the high level of support that we offer.

Hours of Coverage

Looker Support is available from:

  • 1:00am PT to 6:00pm PT
  • 4:00am ET to 9:00pm ET
  • 9:00am GMT to 2:00am GMT

Coverage is subject to major holidays observed in the US and UK.

Who Can Access Support?

Looker Support is available to administrators and developers on your Looker instance. This allows us to focus on your most involved users, who may need in-depth help with the Looker product. You should develop your own internal process for helping your end users, especially because you’ll know the ins and outs of your data better than anyone.

How to Reach Support

There are two ways to reach support:

  1. In-app chat support. Simply click the “Chat” option from the “Help” drop down in the upper right corner and type your question.
  2. Send an email to support@looker.com.

Ticketing System

There is no ticketing system that you need to login to, and no forms you need to fill out to reach support. Although Looker maintains a ticketing system internally, we think it should be transparent to you. We can provide a ticket number if you like, but it is not part of our standard process, and you should be able to exchange chats or emails with Looker like you would a colleague.


Looker does not have an escalation path, because every Support Analyst is trained to the same, high level. We do have internal processes to make sure lengthy issues maintain focus, and to pull in engineering resources if necessary, but you do not need to follow a special process or achieve a certain level of severity to reach these resources.