Looker Certification


(Dinesh Punnam) #1

Hello All,

I am trying to get Looker Certification - please direct me on the process of certification

Thanks in advance!


(Morgan Imel) #2

Hi @predd792010,

The Looker certification program is currently unavailable because it’s being reworked. Until that revamp is complete, you’re welcome to attend any of our developer trainings or look through our free online LookML courses at https://training.looker.com .



(Mini Varghese) #3

Hi Morgan,
Is there an ETA on when will certification be open? As of now, are there any directions on how many certification paths may be available?

Thank You


Hey Mini!

Currently we do not offer Looker Certifications anymore, right now they are exclusively for consultant trainings that partner with Looker. We do have plans to revamp this program, but do not have a timeline on when this will re open right now.


(Mini Varghese) #5

Thanks Noah, How do I find which consulting groups in the Dallas Fortworth area is partnering with Looker? Not about the big consulting firms, smaller groups.


No problem, you can find our consulting partners right here!