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Looker 7 - news and expectations

As most of you know then Looker 7 was announced a couple of days ago:

Lot’s of great new things coming:

  • New Slack integration
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Marketplace
  • Multi-cloud hosting
  • Rich development framework

Wanted to know what others mostly expect from it and maybe there is something that you expected, but it’s not planned for version 7?


Really great work to the Looker team! very exciting stuff here!

Personally, I think it would be really cool to have:

  • In-line Python/R cells into reports and dashboards
  • Autocomplete in SQL Runner
  • SCIM/Deprovisioning from SAML
  • Plot annotations (Arrow on a chart that says “On this date, Client A signed up” etc…)
  • LookML for window functions

Personally what I expected from 7, but there are no news about it atm:

  • Histograms
  • Drop of 5k row limit in some cases
  • Better maps functionality
  • +1 (2 total) SQL Runner autocomplete
  • Better LookML test validation (It happily accepts invalid SQL, doesn’t check for parens, etc)
  • Customizable HTML graph types (it’s OK if beta, just need to make, for example, a thermometer)
  • (edit) - Please enable cc emails on scheduled dashboards! Right now, if I want everyone on executive team to get metrics, they each get a separate email. We’d have much more productive discussions if everyone was cc’d on a single email, so that we could have a discussions.
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Trellis mode for most visualization types, please.

With ability to change any settings for any instance of the graph!