Looker 6.6 PDF Visualization Errors

Hi everyone, some good news today— The updated fix has been completed and released!

I know most of you are still on Looker 6.6, so if you want an updated version of 6.6 that just includes the visualization updates, follow the normal jar download procedure but select “Specific Version” and enter looker-6.6.22.jar.

If you have updated to 6.8, you can do the same thing but enter looker-f9eabe4492a-6.8.11.jar.

@dgold, or anyone else in the thread that is Looker-hosted, I think the best course of action would be to reach out to support to get updated— Either via chat or help.looker.com.

Let me know how that works for your renders! Happy to field any feedback, and would also love to hear if all is working well.


Hi Izzy,

Thanks for the update. Does this also have the security update released earlier this week?

can you double check the name of this, am failing to find this via api or website.

edit: just tested 6.8.12 and it seems to have resolved our cropping issues.

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6.8.12 was just built yesterday, so that also contains the fix, yep— It’s also just the looker-latest.jar at this point so unless you’re interested in remaining on 6.6, you don’t need to worry about the special names.

I’m thrilled to hear that resolves your issue. Thanks again for your patience and for your and @nicolaipj’s ideas & feedback. I haven’t forgotten about your “Other Considerations”, Nicolai!

Yes it does.