Looker 6.6 PDF Visualization Errors


(Danny) #1

Hi Looker,

We recently updated to 6.6 (Looker hosted instance) and we’re encountering some visualization issues when downloading to PDF. For example, this is what we see on the dashboard:


These are the same tiles downloaded as a PDF with “Fit Page to Dashboard” selected:

I’ve tried selecting “expand tables” and a few different paper size options, but am still seeing formatting errors. Any suggestions?


(Izzy) #2

Are all dashboards doing this, or just the one? I tried in Single Column + normal, and didn’t get the same un-stacking. Any other oddities about the dashboard that I could try to replicate?

(Danny) #3

We’re seeing this on multiple dashboards. Tiles / visuals align nicely on the browser but become off kilter when downloaded to PDF.





(Izzy) #4

Hey @dgold, sorry for the slow reply. This is a bug with our rendering, we’ve identified it internally and are working on fixing it. I’ll give a status report here when I know more.

(Simon Clark) #5

Hi there,

I’m piggybacking on this thread as I think we have a similar issue. Since we updated to 6.6 yesterday the PDFs produced by my dashboards look very different - text is tiny and images are now clipped. I just wanted to see if this was possibly the same issue or related.

I should say that a lot of the problem content is using field html: parameters so I may be able to resolve this with clever styling, but there are also normal Looker visualisation which now are too being clipped/not showing axis label.

@izzy can you give me more of an idea about this bug so I know whether to wait for a fix or continue fiddling with my styles?


(Ian) #6

+1, we have spoken to support and have the bug number but would been interested to know if we should rollback or wait for a fix.

(Simon Clark) #7

Further to my message above, the font size issue was due to me using relative sizes and can be worked around. What’s more of a problem is that the tiles in the PDF seem to have about the top 40% as blank space which is pushing down the rest of the content. It looks like maybe that’s happening in Danny’s single value tiles too. I’m using tiles of the minimum height as this is a concise single page dashboard. It still looks great in the normal HTML dashboard view but the PDF is pretty much useless.

(Izzy) #8

We’re still looking at this and reproducing it internally, so I don’t have a clear timeline for everyone yet. I’ll let you know when I do!

(Baha) #9

I would like to piggyback onto this issue as well.

We have just started releasing Looker to our users and after 6.6 upgrade we have seen issues on both PDF and HTML rendering on email

Below is an example before upgrade:

And after upgrade:

It would be great to get some advice on whether we should roll-back the upgrade or not.

(Ian) #10

So the upgrade created a 10% increase in daily reports!
On a serious note…if you rollback you will need to restore a backup and will lose any content changes you may have made since your upgrade. This is what we are weighing up at the moment.

(Baha) #11

so you can’t just drop the old version jar file and roll-back?

(Ian) #12

I’m sure I have done in the past but it comes with a risk since there might be directory and database schema changes with the upgrade which will screw up when you fire up the old jar. I am tempted to try it though if no resolution is near.

(Izzy) #13

It’s definitely risky to do that, I don’t endorse just swapping the jar files.

I’m still actively working on getting more insight into this for you all, I haven’t forgotten about it— Thanks for your patience, I realize this is an issue facing the schedules you have that might go outside your organization so it’s a particularly tough one. Will report back as soon as I’ve got something for you!

(Izzy) #14

update for all the patient Lookers: We’ve prioritized these rendering issues highly and we’re already well in the thick of reproductions + fixes. There’s lots of clever eyes on this now, so I’m confident it will get taken care of soon! Definitely keep any questions coming on this thread and keep your eyes peeled for more good news.

(Baha) #15

Thanks for the update, do you, however, have an ETA?

(Izzy) #16

From the input of everyone in this thread, it looks like there are several different related but unique issues at play. We’re still working to piece apart which of these are connected and how, but we have actually already released a fix that will definitely address some, and potentially all of them.

The latest jar file contains the fixes, so if you download it and swap them out as you normally would for an update, you should see improvements. :partying_face:

Please drop back to let us know if that resolves all of the issues you’re seeing or if there’s still unexpected behavior— And thanks for all your patience along the way.

(Izzy) #18

Also, @dgold, I know you’re Looker hosted, and I’m looking into when that fix will hit your instance. Stay tuned!

(Ian) #19

So we have upgraded from 6.6.13 to 6.6.15 and unfortunately still face the same issues of chart images getting cropped on the right edge.

(Izzy) #20

Thanks for updating us Ian, I’ve brought that back to the engineers working on it.

(Izzy) #21

We believe we’ve got an updated fix near-completion, I’ll update when that rolls out early next week. @basahin did the upgrade to 6.6.15 solve your single value visualization issues? I believe it should have.