Looker 5.20 Extended Support Release Notes


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Anticipated Deployment Dates

ESR Staging: August 19, 2018 - September 15, 2018
ESR Production Release: September 16, 2018 - November 17, 2018

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a :zap: as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below.

System Configuration Notices

Take note of items marked with a :tools: as they indicate changes to system configurations that may impact your ability to run the new release.

Notable Features

Looker Action Hub

Automate your data workflows with new Actions for Marketo and Google Cloud Storage, as well as new functionality for some existing integrations. Learn more about how to leverage the Action Hub to streamline your data here.

Password Configuration Options

Keep your data secure with new password requirement configuration options for Looker Administrators. It is now possible to specify a minimum password length, require special characters, and require locally-configured users to reset old, less-secure passwords.

HTTPS Git Connections

Connect LookML to your remote git repository via HTTPS with a username and password. Authentication details can be entered manually or with user attributes as set in the User menu in the Admin Panel.

Features by Section

Action Hub

  • Introduced Actions for Marketo. Learn more.
  • Introduced Actions for Google Cloud Storage. Learn more.
  • Introduced new Segment, Amazon S3, and Digital Ocean Storage functionality. Learn more.

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Added JSON Detail Streaming Support. It is now possible to stream content as JSON, allowing for delivery of larger detailed result sets.

LookML and Development

  • Refreshed the Manage Projects page to make it easier to add and configure LookML projects.
  • :zap: The Delete Project button is now accessible through the LookML Project Settings menu rather than Manage Projects.
  • Added the ability to create a read-only clone of a project from a public repository. Learn more.
  • Git HTTPS Configuration. Git connections can now be configured over HTTPS with a username and password. Learn more.
  • New PDT DDL customization. Developers can now customize PDT DDL statements with LookML parameters create_process and sql_create.
  • :alembic: Project Import public remote repositories. Looker Blocks and other public projects can now be imported and kept up to date as the public repository is updated. Learn more.
  • :zap: New LookML Warnings. Introduced two new warnings to alert developers about problematic states that the LookML Validator did not previously recognize.
  • Added a warning when model-level parameters are overriden by an include statement with different model-level parameters.
  • Added a warning when the include statement requests a LookML Dashboard that can’t be found. Most likely triggered by include: *.dashboard when no LookML Dashboards are present.
  • Introduced a warning when a field name and an alias name have the potential to cause a collision.

Platform and Administration

  • New Passwords page in Admin Panel. New Admin menu allows for additional control over password requirements for Looker users.
  • :zap:New default password requirements. New and reset passwords will be subject to the following requirements: minimum length 7 characters, at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one numeric character, and one special character.
  • Looker now adds contextual information as a SQL comment to every query.
  • :tools: Looker now uses Java to manage certificate verification rather than maintaining its own, distinct CA bundle. Learn more.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • :alembic: Improvements to Merged Results.
  • Merged results no longer requires a special User Group or Labs setting.
  • Dashboard-level filters can now be applied to Merged Results tiles.
  • It is now possible to validate merged results in the Content Validator.
  • :alembic: Enhanced Visualizations in Labs. The Labs toggle enables a new visualization architecture. Cartesian charts may look a little cleaner with this beta Labs feature enabled.
  • :zap: Beta API changes.
  • The dashboard route has been updated to allow for filtering on Merged Results tiles. The dashboard_elements object now has a listen array rather than key-value pairs. Learn more.


  • Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL. Introduced support for Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL.
  • Google BigQuery Standard SQL. Improved performance and ability to scale of queries using Symmetric Aggregates.
  • Snowflake. Enhanced the LookML generator to better preserve character casing and properly identify all timestamp types.
  • :zap: Teradata. The Looker .jar no longer includes the Teradata driver. Self-hosted customers will have to add a driver to their Looker machine. Learn more.
  • Improved month name SQL implementation for Hive and Spark to be less verbose and more performant.
  • Google Cloud SQL. Enabled support for Persistent Derived Tables.
  • Athena. Added support for querying array type fields.
  • MemSQL. Enabled support for Persistent Derived Tables.
  • IBM Netezza. Enabled Support for Persistent Derived Tables.
  • Dremio. Enhanced the LookML generator.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Improvements to the way content is displayed in Spaces.
  • :zap:Looks and Dashboards display as thumbnails in Spaces. Learn more.
  • Copy, edit, delete, and re-name content from thumbnails.
  • View Content metadata in Spaces


  • Fixed an issue that could result in unencrypted files written to a tmp directory in cases of very large Excel exports. Access to these files required system-level access to the Looker host which is logged and monitored, and limited to specific Looker personnel.
  • :zap: Users are no longer able to edit Looks and Dashboard Tiles that are based on models they do not have the explore permission for.
  • Fixed potential HTML injection vulnerabilities in experimental Login Page Message, group name as rendered in Recent Activity page, and certain User Attributes fields in the admin panel.
  • Fixed Reverse Tabnapping Vulnerability with anchor tags in fields where markdown is permitted.
  • Added encryption to account setup and reset tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where some dashboard filters defaulted to default values from other dashboards.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Content Management and Discoverability
    • Made the grid or table selection in user spaces persistent across sessions.
    • :alembic: [Labs] Fixed a bug where merged results did not work correctly in homepage thumbnails.
  • Action Hub
    • Added clearer error messaging in the Action Hub section of the scheduler modal.
  • Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore
    • :alembic: [Labs] Added measure type: sum to experimental custom fields.
    • :alembic: [Labs] Fixed a bug with autocomplete functionality in custom fields.
    • Fixed a bug where the run button was hidden in iframes where filter values contained too many characters.
    • Fixed an issue where all_dashboards API call returned deleted dashboards.
    • Fixed a bug where Table Calculations and Custom Fields did not work with aliased fields.
    • Fixed a bug where some queries returned No Results in the explore, when they should have returned a SQL error.
    • Fixed a bug where updating to Looker 5.16 caused some visualization settings to change.
    • Fixed a bug where conditional formatting could not be applied to some fields.
    • Fixed a bug where dashboard tiles remained blank instead of displaying an error when backing explore had been deleted.
    • Fixed a bug where the series editor in the visualization panel did listen to hide in visualization.
    • Fixed a bug where Explore From Here was not available on LookML Dashboards.
    • Improved performance for moving tiles on dashboards.
    • Fixed a bug where the reference line label text box in the visualization settings menu only accepted a single character.
    • Fixed a bug where toggling the visualization configuration menu in the UI created whitespace in the visualization.
  • Scheduling and Downloading
    • :alembic: [Labs] Added additional endpoints to API 3.1
    • Fixed a bug where dates rendered as ##### in some .xls downloads.
    • Fixed a bug where embed users needed the save_content permissions in order to create a schedule.
    • Fixed a bug where email schedules rendered incorrectly in Outlook 2013.
    • Fixed a bug where downloading CSV data from an embed preview showed 500 error.
  • Platform and Administration
    • Improved Log diagnostic info in cases where Google Auth fails.
    • Fixed a bug where the run button was missing from the admin usage page.
    • Fixed a bug where incompatible text lengths in internal database sometimes resulted in data truncation.
    • Fixed a bug where adding LDAP user with incorrectly mapped attributes never fully created Looker user.
    • Added the option to require authentication on the project deploy webhook. Learn more.
    • Added the see_system_activity permission to allow non-admin users to access the Usage Panel. Learn more.
    • Added the ability to specify a domain whitelist on hidden user attribute fields.
    • Improved error messaging when hitting git authentication issues.
  • LookML and Development
    • Fixed a bug where a warning was generated by LookML generated by Looker.
    • Fixed a bug where symmetric aggregates were not recomputing with the addition of a custom field.
    • Non-Unique Primary Key error now cached with the query that produced it.
    • Fixed a bug where liquid was unrenderable in a Postgres list_agg.
    • Fixed a bug where a git branch with / in its name could not be delted from the Looker UI.
    • Fixed a bug where LookML generator occasionally created self-joins.
    • Fixed a bug that showed a ViewNotFound error when using suggest_dimension.
    • Improved error handling for fields named yes and no.
    • Added the ability to revert uncommitted changes in the event of a merge conflict.
    • Improved performance when switching between LookML files in the IDE.
    • Fixed a bug where null values in the miliseconds timeframe produced errors.
    • Fixed a bug where the LookML validator showed errors and warnings from previous run.
    • Fixed a bug where direct links to SQL runner queries occasionally did not load SQL.
    • Fixed a bug where using suggest_dimension without suggest_explore caused an error.
  • Dialects
    • Fixed a bug where Presto tables with - in the name were not escaped correctly in generated SQL.

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