Looker 5.2 Release Notes


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Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: November 5, 2017
Release Final & Download Available: November 20, 2017

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a :zap: as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below.

Notable Features

Field-by-field Conditional Formatting

Sometimes one rule can’t govern it all. For these cases you can now set Conditional Formatting rules for each series on Table visualizations, increasing flexibility and allowing for more sophisticated identification.

Improved Dashboard Tiles

Dashboard Tiles also got more flexible in Looker 5.2, allowing you to customize further and clean up your Spaces by converting Dashboard-specific Looks to Tiles. You can now duplicate a Dashboard’s Tile to quickly iterate, hide an element’s title when not necessary, and convert whole Look-based Dashboards to Tile-based ones.

Features by Section

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Field-by-field Conditional Formatting. Added the ability to color Table visualizations’ series individually. [Learn more](
  • Dashboard Tile improvements.
  • Duplicate Tiles on a Dashboard. Learn more.
  • Convert Looks to Tiles on a given Dashboard. Learn more.
  • :zap: Reduced the default new Tile width.
  • Added the ability to hide the title of a Look or Tile on a Dashboard. Learn more.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Convert entire Look-based Dashboards to Tile-based ones. Added the ability to replace a Dashboard’s Looks with Tiles, optionally deleting the previously associated Looks.
  • :zap: Removed the Browse navigation sidebar from the Homepage to allow for more suggested content. You can still use the top Browse menu for all navigation.

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Just send it. Added the option to send data or visualizations from Looks and Dashboards without having to create a schedule. Learn more.
  • Dashboard data downloads. Added the ability to download a zip of CSVs for each Dashboard element.
  • :zap: Improved memory and disk space consumption. Older schedule and render cache entries will removed more rapidly, with results being available to the RenderTask API for one hour.

LookML and Development

  • Dynamic field labels. Added the ability to dynamically change label rendering using Liquid variables. Supports User Attribute-based rendering. Learn more.
  • Lists in Redshift. Added support for the list measure type on Amazon Redshift Connections. Learn more.
  • Improved LookML Validator speed, especially when using the experimental Labs feature Only Validate Changed LookML and when validating Native Derived Tables.
  • :zap: LookML Collaboration. Switching to a new branch is no longer possible in cases where there are uncommitted changes or a branch is in a merging state.

Platform and Administration

  • LDAP User Attributes. Added the ability to map User Attributes to LDAP Users. This does not introduce the ability to map to LDAP groups. Learn more.
  • Support Access data. The Support Access page now includes information about who has changed Looker support access settings and who from Looker support has accessed your instance and why. Learn more.
  • :zap: Introduced the “Allow calling legacy query API” Legacy Feature. Learn more.


  • Addressed a SQL injection vulnerability.


  • Oracle DWCS. Introduced initial support for Oracle DWCS.
  • Qubole Presto. Upgraded the driver from 1.1.0 to 1.1.6.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore
    • Fixed an issue where Public Looks filtered on User Attributes produced an error page.
    • Fixed an issue where previously saved Looks couldn’t be edited in some circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where visualizations could display two y-axes for a single pivoted series.
    • Fixed an issue where Dashboard Filter changes didn’t reliably save.
    • Fixed an issue where adding a Text element could cause a Dashboard to ignore its Filters.
    • Fixed an issue where diff_days produced broken SQL in Custom Filters.
    • Fixed an issue where an errant error about color palettes could prevent Dashboard elements from loading.
  • LookML and development
    • No longer unnecessarily apply Symmetric Aggregates when aggregating from the right side of a one to many join.
    • Fixed an issue where _is_selected and _in_query could produce broken SQL in the presence of Totals and Row Totals.
  • Content Management and Discoverability
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use the Content Validator to replace colons.
  • Scheduling and Downloading
    • Fixed an issue where Datagroups did not populate in the Schedule modal.
  • Dialects
    • Fixed an issue where pivots only worked on IBM Netezza connections in simple cases.
  • Platform and Administration
    • Fixed an issue where the Datagroups Admin page could display incorrect check times.
    • Added a progress bar to page loads.

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