Looker 5.18 Release Notes


(Carter Moar) #1

Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: July 1, 2018
Release Final & Download Available: July 12, 2018

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a :zap: as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below.

System Configuration Notices

Take note of items marked with a :tools: as they indicate changes to system configurations that may impact your ability to run the new release.

Notable Features

Password Configuration Options

Keep your data secure with new password requirement configuration options for Looker Administrators. It is now possible to specify a minimum password length, require special characters, and require locally-configured users to reset old, less-secure passwords.

HTTPS Git Connections

Connect LookML to your remote git repository via HTTPS with a username and password. Authentication details can be entered manually or with user attributes as set in the User menu in the Admin Panel.

Features by Section

Platform and Administration

  • New Passwords page in Admin Panel. New Admin menu allows for additional control over password requirements for Looker users.
  • :zap:New default password requirements. New and reset passwords will be subject to the following requirements: minimum length 7 characters, at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one numeric character, and one special character.
  • Looker now adds contextual information as a SQL comment to every query.
  • :tools: Looker now uses Java to manage certificate verification rather than maintaining its own, distinct CA bundle. Learn more.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • :alembic: Improvements to Merged Results.
  • Merged results no longer requires a special User Group or Labs setting.
  • Dashboard-level filters can now be applied to Merged Results tiles.
  • It is now possible to validate merged results in the Content Validator.
  • :alembic: Enhanced Visualizations in Labs. The Labs toggle enables a new visualization architecture. Cartesian charts may look a little cleaner with this beta Labs feature enabled.
  • :zap: Beta API changes.
  • The dashboard route has been updated to allow for filtering on Merged Results tiles. The dashboard_elements object now has a listen array rather than key-value pairs. Learn more.

LookML and Development

  • Git HTTPS Configuration. Git connections can now be configured over HTTPS with a username and password. Learn more.
  • New PDT DDL customization. Developers can now customize PDT DDL statements with LookML parameters create_process and sql_create.
  • :alembic: Project Import public remote repositories. Looker Blocks and other public projects can now be imported and kept up to date as the public repository is updated. Learn more.
  • :zap: New LookML Warnings. Introduced two new warnings to alert developers about problematic states that the LookML Validator did not previously recognize.
  • Added a warning when model-level parameters are overriden by an include statement with different model-level parameters.
  • Added a warning when the include statement requests a LookML Dashboard that can’t be found. Most likely triggered by include: *.dashboard when no LookML Dashboards are present.


  • Google Cloud SQL. Enabled support for Persistent Derived Tables.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore
    • Fixed a bug where some queries returned No Results in the explore, when they should have returned a SQL error.
    • Fixed a bug where updating to Looker 5.16 caused some visualization settings to change.
    • Fixed a bug where conditional formatting could not be applied to some fields.
    • Fixed a bug where dashboard tiles remained blank instead of displaying an error when backing explore had been deleted.
    • Fixed a bug where the series editor in the visualization panel did listen to hide in visualization.
    • Fixed a bug where Explore From Here was not available on LookML Dashboards.
  • Security
    • Added encryption to account setup and reset tokens.
    • Fixed a bug where some dashboard filters defaulted to default values from other dashboards.
  • Scheduling and Downloading
    • Fixed a bug where dates rendered as ##### in some .xls downloads.
    • Fixed a bug where downloading CSV data from an embed preview showed 500 error.
  • Platform and Administration
    • Fixed a bug where adding LDAP user with incorrectly mapped attributes never fully created Looker user.
  • LookML and Development
    • Fixed a bug where a warning was generated by LookML generated by Looker.
    • Fixed a bug where symmetric aggregates were not recomputing with the addition of a custom field.
    • Non-Unique Primary Key error now cached with the query that produced it.
    • Fixed a bug where liquid was unrenderable in a Postgres list_agg.
    • Fixed a bug where a git branch with / in its name could not be delted from the Looker UI.
    • Fixed a bug where LookML generator occasionally created self-joins.
    • Fixed a bug that showed a ViewNotFound error when using suggest_dimension.
    • Improved error handling for fields named yes and no.
  • Dialects
    • Fixed a bug where Presto tables with - in the name were not escaped correctly in generated SQL.

Measure vs. Measure Scatterplots (3.28+)
(Carter Moar) #2


Are you able to provide any more definition or sample use-cases that will help me wrap my head around this one?

(Kevin Marr) #4

Yes, of course. We’re still wrapping up the documentation for it, but should have it published soon. I direct messaged you with an example.

Thanks for your patience!

(Terence Knorr) #5


Very excited about these enhancements! The merge features in particular. Congrats to everyone involved in getting that up and running-hope they get a shoutout at Join 2018.

Would you be able to highlight the enhancements via Looker’s NEXT instance (even though it’s on 5.20.* by now)? I like to do A/B testing with the features so I can alert my user base of what exactly has changed and how Looker is making their lives easier (you know, that old chestnut).

(hilary) #6

Hi Terence!

Which features in particular were you hoping to see highlighted on Next? Next lends itself well to highlighting changes to LookML and Visualizations because those product areas result in content that can be saved and shared. All of the changes in this release (aside from changes to the Admin panel) are available on Next for anyone with a account to play with in a self-directed way.

Let me know if I can help you with examples of anything in particular!

(erin.alexander) #7

Hi there! We published documentation for the sql_create and create_process parameters, might these help you?

(Alex Hancock) #8

I saw the New PDT DDL customization in the notes and hoped for these changes… With the release of the documentation it just confirmed that this a game changing release! Congrats and thanks.