Looker 5.12 Release Notes


(Carter Moar) #1

Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: April 8, 2018
Release Final & Download Available: April 23, 2018

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a :zap: as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below.

Notable Features

Git branch deletion

When collaboration is finished, what’s to be done? Now LookML developers and admins can delete unused shared development branches in LookML projects. Don’t worry, Master and personal development branches can’t be deleted. Learn more.

LookML References in SQL Runner

In addition to now being able to use ${view_name.SQL_TABLE_NAME} to reference Persistent Derived Tables from SQL Runner, LookML Developers can quick-query the LookML model directly using the new Models tab in SQL Runner. This will save valuable development time when troubleshooting PDTs, testing individual LookML fields, and running one-off queries. Excited to see it in action? Hop over to Next for more ideas about how to use this feature.

Features by Section

LookML and Development

  • Improved Content Validator. replace and remove functions are now more clearly distinct and Content Validator now replaces field names in visualization config settings.
  • Bulk delete from Content Validator. It is now possible to dispose of many Looks at once when grouping validator errors by Look. Learn more.
  • Git branch deletion. Introduced the ability to delete shared Git branches.
  • Reference LookML Objects in SQL Runner. ${view_name.field_name} and {view_name.SQL_TABLE_NAME} can now be referenced from SQL Runner.

Platform and Administration

  • PDT-specific database credentials. You can now assign PDT processes credentials, allowing you to prioritize builds, send builds to different Snowflake warehouses, and reduce users’ write access. Learn more.

Scheduling and Downloading

  • :zap: The Legacy API has been completely removed. It is no longer possible to create API-only users or to use the Legacy API.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Security
    • Fixed an issue with the password reset process.
  • Administration
    • Added a tooltip to explain the ‘Suggested for you’ section of the homepage.
    • :zap: Fixed a bug where User Attributes needed to be explicitly removed when generating SSO embed URLs. Parameter declarations will now overwrite existing ones, as originally intended.
  • LookML and Development
    • Fixed a bug where some datagroup-triggered PDTs were stuck in the build process.
    • Fixed a bug where YAML LookML was being generated for some new LookML projects.
    • Fixed a bug where generated Dashboard LookML was wrong if warnings were present.
    • Fixed a bug with generated SQL in cases where yesno dimensions are nested inside conditional liquid statements.
    • Fixed a bug where liquid in label parameters was not evaluated and rendered correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where COUNT(*) was generated instead of COUNT(field_name) in some views.
    • Fixed a bug where percentile measures were being cast as numeric instead of decimal.
    • Fixed a bug where nulls were being sorted to the top if the row limit was hit and dimension fill was turned on.
  • Scheduling and Downloading
    • :zap:Fixed a bug where .xlsx schedules were sending empty files if results had not changed since last run. Scheduled content will be sent upon update to Looker 5.12, regardless of attachment format or whether “results changed since last run” is checked.

Looker 5.14 Extended Support Release Notes
(Carter Moar) #2

(Dan) #3

Do you know if we’ll be able to reference LookML objects from within PDTs at some point? That would help a ton with us being able to write cleaner/DRY code when we need to use derived tables (there are instances where we have business logic encapsulated within a dimension, but then if we need to write a PDT that has the same business logic we are having to copy/paste that code in.

Thank you!

(Carter Moar) #4

You might be interested in what we’re calling Native Derived Tables, @Dan. They’re the same DTs you know and love, except composed with LookML. If you need to drop some SQL into the LookML definition, you can use a derived_column declaration and sneak a little window function or what have you in there.

(Kieran Mulholland) #5


Do you know if this release also includes a fix for conditional schedules incorrectly sending emails to recipients?


(Carter Moar) #6

There’s a fix for in issue that resulted in .xlsx schedules sent despite there being no new results and the “results changed since last run” box being checked. I’d like to hear more if you’re referencing a different issue.

(Kieran Mulholland) #7

A slightly different bug, I raised it a few weeks ago via chat and was told you had fixed it internally but were yet to deploy on customer instances.

We have a schedule to send a table if there are results to a set of recipients. The condition of the schedule was being ignored and sent regardless. Albeit very similar to what the release notes contain, I just don’t know if the fix is ubiquitous.

(Carter Moar) #8

It looks like this should also be solved as part of a related fix.

(Brendan Vaughn) #9

Would be nice to eventually delete an unused dev branch. We had two instances of Looker (Prod and Non-Prod) hooked up to the same Git repo for some time, and we’ve sense cleaned that up… but our Looker Production instance still has a local cache of 5 unused “personal” branches that were originally added in the repo by our Non-Prod tool instance. Minor annoyance that would be nice to clean up!