Looker 5.0 Release Notes

(Timothy Burke) #21

So this is specific to drilling? Based on the description, I thought it was something different that would have more general applications to calculated fields.

What would be useful - in a similar example where we are viewing counts of members based on their gender - is the ability to create a calculated field like “% Female” that would be defined like (made up pseudo-code LookML):

${members.member_count & [members.gender]={{female}} } / ${members.member_count:row_total}

When you’ve pivoting between Male/Female this ratio is possible to define using other methods, but if you have more pivoted values it gets challenging to define, and I find that we have to define lots of measures in the model that I’d love to be able to create dynamically.



Hey @TimothyBurke

A common use case here is for drilling, though other areas that this feature can apply to are links and formatting! This feature enables us to use {{ view_name.pivot_field.value }} to reference values in pivoted tables that previously we were only able to reference in non-pivoted tables.

If there are any specific use cases you would like to work through feel free to visit help.looker.com and we can dig into these with you!