Looker 3.54 Release Notes


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Release Rollout Begins: August 28, 2016
Release Final & Download Available: September 14, 2016

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention.

Notable Features

Space Access Controls

Access to Spaces is now governed Space-by-Space; users and groups can be authorized to simply view a space and its contents, fully manage both, or be restricted from viewing a space entirely. By default, a Space will inherit its parent’s access settings.

Groups for User and Content Management

Groups can be used to manage access to Spaces and to help manage user Roles, allowing you to assign access to buckets of users. Groups can be set up automatically through existing systems like LDAP and SAML.

Redesigned Mobile Dashboards

Dashboards sport a new design when accessed from mobile devices. Dashboard tiles and filters now stack vertically and zoom to a readable size. Navigation items have been moved to a hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner.

Legacy Feature Updates

The following feature have been deprecated and will only be available by enabling the associated legacy feature:

Details on how to migrate off legacy features can be found here.

Additional Features by Section

Content Management & Spaces

  • Access Controls for Spaces: Introduce the ability to manage who can access various Spaces and at what level. Learn more.
  • Groups for User & Content Management: A new Groups paradigm governs collections of users. Groups may be given access to Spaces as a unit. Groups can be set up automatically through existing authentication methods like LDAP and SAML. Learn more.

Looker Design

Updates to Mobile Dashboards for easier viewing, including:

  • Larger tile size
  • Improved filter usability
  • Updated navigation for improved screen real estate


  • Added new timeframes including second, millisecond, and microsecond. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to filter on the second timeframe. Learn more.
  • The LookML Validator will now correctly warn when order_by_field is declared on a non-dimension field or references a measure. Learn more.
  • Introduced a legacy feature to prevent dimensions from referencing measures. Learn more.
  • The LookML Validator will now correctly warn when filter fields are declared with type: time. Learn more.


  • Added the ability to copy values in a column of the data table. The copied values will be accepted into the filter input box if pasted there.
  • Added the ability to replace field references in table calculations and custom filters with the Look Validator. Learn more.
  • Filters now default to the same interval as the timeframe being filtered on. For example, when filtering on “created_hour”, the filter will default to “hours” instead of “days”.
  • Descriptions for dimension groups now appear at the dimension group name level rather than repeated for each dimension. Learn more about descriptions. Learn more about dimension groups.


  • Added a visualization option to reverse the direction of the x- or y-axis.
  • Added the ability to hide totals on the table visualization
  • Reference lines now leverage a color picker instead of hex value inputs.
  • Charts now use the null symbol (∅) rather than the string “null”,
  • Pie charts and the associated legend will now be centered as a unit instead of centering the chart itself.

##Scheduling & Downloading

  • Resource Manager for Scheduled and Downloaded Tasks
  • By default, the system will process downloading and rendering tasks in pairs. Instance administrators will see a new source in the query panel called “renderer”.
  • These changes should result in fewer timeouts on rendered content and reduce impact on the Looker instance.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Tweaks to Spaces
    • Improved the load time of the Spaces page.
    • Improved the loading time of the Space picker in the Save, Copy and Move modals.
    • Ensured that the title of Spaces properly propagate to the browser tab.
    • Updated the styling of the Edit Space modal to match other modals.
    • Cursors now focus in the first editable field in Space modals.
  • Retired support for Internet Explorer 10. Learn more.
  • Added a new permission to allow users to view drill overlays on dashboards without being able to explore the data.
  • Requesting a password reset link from the login page now offers a confirmation when the password has successfully been reset
  • Introduced a new keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+d) to enter development mode.
  • Standardized the presentation of the closed Filters section on Explores and Dashboards.
  • In the “Choose Field…” drop-down in the dashboard filter edit modal, values will now respect associated view labels.
  • Added built-in support for creating local version control.
  • Improved the efficiency of the LookML Validator.
  • Improved query killing for Presto versions 0.133 and above.
  • Added explanatory language for the Temp Database on the edit connections page.
  • Ensured that datatype: date fields are filtered properly in certain dialects.
  • Fixed an issue where symmetric aggregates removed newlines on most dialects.
  • Fixed a bug where validating LookML could crash an instance.
  • Fixed an where totals could be omitted when pivots are sorted with a column limit.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in mismatched colors between titles and text in single value visualizations.
  • Fixed an issue where default color palettes may not apply everywhere.
  • Fixed an issue where sections of the field picker could not be expanded or collapsed when using Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where timeframes produced a LookML error when using can_filter: false.
  • Fixed an issue where LookML dashboards with text objects wouldn’t download.
  • Fixed an where reassigning ownership of scheduled plans could cause recipients to be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the can_filter parameter could allowing filtering when interacting with drilling.
  • Fixed an where a filter could switch to matches (advanced) after a query is run.
  • Fixed an issue where timezones could change on drill-down.
  • Fixed an issue where filter values were reliably removed from the filter input boxes on the explore page.
  • Fixed an issue where measure sorts could remain in the query after the measure was removed.
  • Fixed an issue where SQL did not reliably generate on the SQL tab on the Explore page.
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s Space could hang if the user lacked access to certain Spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where editing filters on a dashboard copied from a deleted user’s space could produce a Validation Failed error.

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(Dustin Engstrom) #3

Outstanding. :pray:

(Jack Cooper) #4

Hi guys, We can’t wait to start using the new access controls functionality, is there an exact time at which this will be available? (We are on BST)

(Carter Moar) #5

We don’t have an exact hour of day that the release will be available, but tomorrow, Wednesday September 14, is still looking like the day the download will be available for on-premises customers.

I expect mid afternoon (US Pacific time), but that’s not written in stone. Final deployment to hosted customers in the Americas will likely happen that night, with deployment to hosted customers outside of the Americas likely happening the following night (midday Thursday US Pacific time).

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