Looker 3.40 Release Notes


(Margaret Rosas) #1

Release Rollout Begins: February 9, 2016
Release Final & Download Available: February 25, 2016

Notable Features

  • Hierarchical Drilling via new Drill Menu Feature. Implemented using a new drill_fields: [field1,field2] parameter in LookML. Time dimension groups automatically get drill_fields for each timeframe. These drill menus can also surface external links, if they have been configured Learn More.

  • Faceted Filters for Dashboards. Use the results of one filter to inform the suggestions in another filter (i.e. Populate filter with list of cities after State dropdown is selected. These can also be configured in LookML by applying the listens_to_filters: [name] parameter onto any filter definition in a LookML Dashboard.

Additional Features by Section


  • Lockable Dashboards [Labs]. Prevent changes to a dashboard without explicitly unlocking it. The feature also surfaces additional information to users about the connections between editing Looks and editing Dashboards for all viewers of those pieces of content. Must be explicitly enabled in the Labs section.
  • Automatically Link Across Dashboards [Labs]. Provides a drill menu to surface and link to dashboards that have a filter matching the field you are drilling on. The menu will also surface links to external URLs using native drills, although those are available without enabling the drill menu. Learn More.


  • Table Visualization
  • Truncate column names to reduce width of columns.
  • Pie Chart Improvements
  • Cleaned up the presentation and positioning of value labels.
  • Series Labels now function on pie charts.
  • Drill Menu in Visualizations [Labs]. Drill into the data directly from a visualization rather than through the table. Learn More.


  • Table Calculation Updates
  • Allow the removal of table calculations from the data table instead of forcing user through the table calculations modal.
  • The percent format will now multiply by 100.
  • Filtering Updates
  • Queries that produce suggestions for filters now do not time out when users click out of the filter box.
  • Filters on type: tier now work even with negative values.
  • Data Table Updates
  • Dates in tables now do not wrap. [Note: This may widen date columns, changing users’ tables].
  • Tables switch to virtual scroll at 10,000 cells instead of 5,000.


  • Presto is now a fully supported dialect. This release will support versions up to 0.132 natively. For later versions, contact support.
  • Spark is now a fully supported dialect. This release will support versions up to 1.5.2.
  • Hive: Auto suggestions are now automatically disabled on filtered fields. To re-instate suggestions for any given view file, comment out the line suggestions: false. Additionally, field-specific settings override the view-level default. Also applies to Presto and Spark.
  • BigQuery: Symmetric Aggregates are now supported.
  • BigQuery: Service account no longer needs read permissions on every dataset in a project.
  • DataVirtuality: Fixed issue with query killing.
  • Vertica - The dialect picker on the connections panel now includes Vertica 6 as an option for those customers with Vertica 6 drivers. The Vertica option is for customers with Vertica 7.0 and above.

Admin Panel

  • Query Panel. PDTs now differentiate between Building PDT and Waiting for PDT, which means that the waiting query needs a PDT which is being built by a different thread. While it is waiting, it is not holding a connection from the DB pool.
  • Authentication via LDAP. Configure servers that don’t allow paginated results. See full LDAP documentation here.
  • Option to Force 2-Factor Authentication on Every Login. Available as a configuration setting on the Two Factor Admin page.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • LookML <> SQL Update: Updated the way multi-item WHERE clauses are written from WHERE A AND B to WHERE (A) AND (B) to ensure proper parentheses in more complex WHERE clauses.
  • Fixed a bug where sorts on tables weren’t being passed through to the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where Explore permissions were being shared across Roles
  • Fixed a bug where LookML Dash embed using / rather than :: does not render correctly
  • Fixed a bug where sorting on measures in table visualizations was broken
  • Fixed a bug where relative date filters were breaking with Matches(Advanced)
  • Fixed a bug where PDT builds were locking up all queries on a Looker instance
  • Fixed a bug where value_format was not properly passing through decimal points to display, especially on percent_of_total and percent_of_previous fields.
  • Fixed a bug where single value visualizations continued to display their previous value if the new value was null
  • Fixed a bug in the prefetching code that mistakenly produced 200 responses when 404s should have been provided, for example if the prefetch fails due to an error in one of the tiles
  • Fixed a bug where the trash icon in the color picker wasn’t doing anything when clicked
  • Fixed a bug where drillable single value tiles on dashboards were changing colors sporadically

On Premises

  • Added check to deter downgrade in the startup process. Learn More.

(Margaret Rosas) #2

(Calum Parker) #3


I thought embedded Dashboard filtering was to be included in this release?

I can’t see the functionality in the embedded preview on learnbeta either? Or is it not an obvious feature, that you have to turn on?



(Abby West) #4

Hi @Calum - if you’re thinking about the Javascript Event API for embed, it’s still under development and not currently available on any preview of Looker. We’re hoping to see it in 3.42, but will give a shout here when it’s ready to be played with on learnbeta!

(Rui Zhang) #5

Can we do faceted filters in lookml?

(Joseph Long) #6

Hi Rui!

Yes, faceted filters can be done in via LookML.

The syntax should look like:

listens_to_filters: [name]

This goes on the filter definition in a lookml dashboard. Let me know if this helps!



(Sonny Rivera) #7

This is an awesome release! Thanks

(Sonny Rivera) #8

I’m very in the javascript api side too.:grinning:

(Andrew Kraemer) #9

I’ve been dragging my feet with drilling forever, but now with how easy hierarchical drilling looks I think I might actually start adding in drill fields.

One thought: is it (or will it) be possible to undrill as well? For instance, if I’ve drilled into a from state to city, will it be possible to go from city to state?

Great release.


(Nicole Beyer) #10

Hey Andrew,

Just wanted to clarify a little bit here, do you mean generally going from a more granular to a less granular option?
This isn’t currently native functionality but you could do this with a custom explore using query parameters with new pretty drill stuff.

(Andrew Kraemer) #11

Yup, I’m looking to go from a more to a less granular option, ideally without having to get into the HTML.

In other words, this will be great for zooming in, but if I want to zoom out again, I’d either have to hit the back button, which wouldn’t be a big deal.


(Margaret Rosas) #12

(Margaret Rosas) #13

@Andrew_Kraemer check out the Drill Preview option that we are introducing in 3.42. I think that speaks to the use case you’ve described.

(Andrew Kraemer) #14

Great. I’m looking forward it it!

(Paola) #15

Discourse article on faceted filters for LookML dashboards here.