Looker 3.28 Release Notes

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Release Date: August 18, 2015
End of Cycle Date: September 4, 2015
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Visualizations and Dashboards

  • New “Table” visualization type. Learn More.
  • Support for measure-versus-measure scatterplots. Learn More.
  • Ability to filter visualizations based on results of yesno fields. Learn More.
  • Dashboard PDF filename now includes timestamp
  • Visualization Configuration Option Updates:
    • Provide more informative field names when “Show Full Field Name” is disabled
    • New single value visualization size option, “Auto Fit”
    • Donut multiple labels are now on by default
    • X-axis defaults to type “time” if stacking isn’t “grouped”
    • Default min and max y-axis values are based on values in the chart instead of being symmetric
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Improved default visualization type for each query
    • Improved performance when rendering cartesian charts
    • Improved efficiency of rendering large result sets


  • NULL values are now treated as 0 for measures of type sum
  • Table Calculation Updates:
    • New pivot_index function allows referencing pivot columns individually. Learn More.
    • Suggestions now appear after space, enter and delete (in addition to after regular text entry)
    • Table calculation columns will be present in the data table while query is running
  • Updated “Save to dashboard” modal.
  • Performance Improvements
    • Filter suggestions are now cached for 6 hours (instead of 5 minutes)
    • Improved caching for queries accessed via public URLs
    • “No Results” now shown when query returns zero rows

LookML & Development

  • Support for datatype: yyyymmdd time fields in all dialects
  • one_to_one joins can now be specified without required_joins
  • Deprecated map_point, map_line, and locations field types

Dialects and Databases

  • Beta Support for Spark SQL:
    • Persistent derived tables
    • In-database pivoting/column limits
    • list field type
  • Basic support for EXASOL, including symmetric aggregates (no support for PDTs or time zones yet)
  • Improved support for additional JDBC parameters across dialects
  • Dialect-Specific Improvements:
    • Oracle field names are now required to be lowercase
    • Microsoft SQL Server now has SSL support
    • Redshift queries are now cancelled in a way that doesn’t produce errors in log files

Administration Panel

  • Users can now be added to the “Admin” role in bulk
  • Warnings about misconfigured proxies in front of Looker are presented on the “General” admin page

Powered By Looker

  • Option to display normal login screen to unauthenticated users (when SSO authentication is not being used)

Authentication and Security

  • Beta support for group-to-role mappings with SAML

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Great new features!


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Nice! Fewer coalesce() statements in PDTs!

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