Look inspection

(John Romanski) #1

After a couple of years and a couple of thousand looks, we have a bunch of looks that don’t work anymore: missing fields, or missing models.

A couple of questions/requests:

Is there any way to examine what a look used to do? What models/fields were being displayed or how?
(Maybe this this feature would only be enabled in development mode.)

Is there any way to delete a look from the look detail/view page? If I am on ‘/look/23’ and getting a model not found error, it would be nice to be able to delete this look from there, or even just the content validator.

(Andrew Powell) #2


I can answer some of these points. Firstly there’s no way to delete a Look from the content validator view.

Next it is indeed possible to delete a look on the Look page by clicking the cog in the top right-hand corner:

There is also a way to examine looks. You can use the i__looker/look explore. Link is


In the explore filter on look.deleted_date is null for all non-deleted Looks.

You can add look.id, query.explore, query.model, query.formatted_fields, and query.viz_config to find out info about explore, model, fields and viz used in the Look. A sample URL would be


Unfortunately I don’t believe there’s an easy way to filter to the Looks shown as invalid by the content validator. This feature would be a great addition. But you can filter down to specific looks after getting the IDs from the content validator.

There are plenty of other fields you can add too, I encourage you to have a play.