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Living with Powerpoint (or killing it)

Powerpoint is highly used here, people spend ages curating their decks to a specific standard to be able to present to management, some are the same every month and some are ad-hoc. They are not always for management but maybe to document data with a story and save away somewhere unlikely to ever be looked at again.

So killing Powerpoint is going to be tricky, its like totally doing away with Excel, unlikely to happen!

The most frustrating thing I am seeing is the extra step it takes for people to get their data from Looker into Powerpoint, they either manually download and then copy and paste or have a live link from a look into Excel which they then link to Powerpoint.

Is it possible to do away with this middle step, maybe an export directly into Powerpoint? Would love to hear peoples processes, work arounds and stories about Powerpoint usage and how this can be a smoother experience.


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Ian, when I read this, my mind went to the opposite place: building an add-in for PowerPoint which allowed for a user to input a Looker URL, and having it seek new data as a right-click option or something, saving an image of it locally and updating it as the default (so it doesn’t by default fetch new data unless you explicitly request it). Just a thought!

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How about skip Powerpoint altogether and just have a new version of “dashboards” called “presentations”, where its in slide format, you add a visualization, title, annotations, comments, etc.

In your suggestions (@IanT, @bens), having a static image prevents you from hovering over to see more data, drilling in, etc.

Added bonus for all presentations living in a shared space.

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I’ll just leave this here, too :slight_smile:

re: @bens idea, I’ve always thought it would be cool if there was a plugin similar to the importXML technique used to export a Look to a google sheet that’d let you embed looks right into a powerpoint.


In a perfect world, that would be great, unfortunately, there are many other systems in play here, some of which are not hooked into Looker, so PowerPoint is here to stay for awhile.