Linking to dashboards in drill menus (3.40+)


As of Looker 3.40, we have added the ability to drill from dimensions to dashboards using hierarchical drill menus. Read more about hierarchical drilling here.

This post refers to the Labs feature which automatically identifies potential dashboards to drill to from a given dimension. To specify links to specific dashboards (or other non-Looker URLs), you can use the links parameter, documented [here] (Linking to URLs in drill menus (3.40+)).

In order to drill from dimension to dashboards, go to Admin > Labs and enable the Dashboards in Drill Menus feature.

When do dashboards appear in the drill menu?

Once Dashboards in Drill Menus in enabled, dashboards will automatically appear in the drill menu if they have a filter on the field you are drilling into. This happens in a couple cases:

  1. There is a global filter on the dashboard of type Field that points to the field you are drilling into.

  2. There is an element in that dashboard that has global filter applying to that field in that element. For example, I might have number filter that I apply to Users Age in a particular dashboard. This will allow this dashboard to appear in the drill menu for the Users Age field.

What will drilling to a dashboard do?

Let’s say I have a Business Pulse dashboard that has a global filter on Users State:

If dashboard drilling is enabled, this dashboard will appear as an option in the ... drill menu for the User State field like so:

When I click this dashboard, it will take me to the dashboard will the filter set to this state:

This is a great way to explore your data further through dashboards!

Other uses of drill menus

Read more about:

  1. Drilling into a row by any other dimension value

  2. Linking to URLs

  3. Drilling in visualizations (in labs)


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(Brayden) #2

Does this work on LookML dashboards?


(Nicole Beyer) #3

Hey Brayden,

Yup! This works for both LookML and User Defined Dashboards.


(Lawrence) #4

This is pretty awesome, looking forward to using this new feature.



This is so awesome. We have a few related dashboards that render values that can be linked elsewhere. This actually saves us time in writing the HTML linking within LookML.

Great Job!!!


(Chris Billet) #6

One thing to note here is that the dashboard that you would like to link to needs to be stored in a public space. Dashboards in personal spaces will not have links applied.

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(Qing Zhu) #7

Is there a way to remove the dashboards from the drill menu?
I don’t want to change the settings since my other dashboards might use this feature. By the dashboard I am currently working on doesn’t want it.

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(Nicole Beyer) #8

Hey Qing,

There is no way to turn off the option to drill to other dashboards on a single dashboard, though I will definitely pass the idea along to our product team!
Since the drill to other dashboards is determined by whether or not the dashboards are both in shared spaces and have filters on fields that are used in other dashboards you could either move one of the dashboards to a personal space or remove some filters.


(Aron Clymer) #9

I’d also like the ability to turn off drilling for specific visualizations. +1 for more control over this feature. Thanks!


(diego.campos) #10

Aron, thanks for your interest on this feature! I have added your company +1 on the actual feature request.